About Us

SneakerLAH aims to be a melting pot for international footwear companies, sneaker stores, streetwear resellers, essentially the premier destination for sneakers and streetwear event for Malaysians.

The word LAH is well-known to Malaysian, as it is one of the most familiar phrases in Malaysia. Thus, leading towards the term, SneakerLAH because it is possibly the best way to refer to a Malaysian based sneaker convention. The inaugural SneakerLAH was introduced in 2015, and brought together local sneakerheads and bodies with interest alike. The convention allows sneakerheads to come and spend time in the convention talking, eating and breathing sneakers. As the biggest; the most premium sneaker event, we are taking it to the next level through the debut of our own marketplace and to publicize all sneaker news locally and globally. Our aim is to elevate the local sneaker culture online via news, marketplace (buy, sell and trade), a platform for the community to thrive and grow.

SneakerLAH Marketplace is a curated shopping area. Our objective is to make exceptional sneakers and clothing available to everyone.